"After all this time?" "Always."
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Obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and Scandal . Olitz is the greatest pairing of television history.

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Fitz & Olivia - we're not ever going to be over
Damon & Elena - we always survive
Peter x Olivia - because you belong with me

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The Weasley’s joke shop? Didn’t one of the owners die? I heard his brother kept it running for a year or two with some help from his younger sibling but it didn’t last. Its all rusty now, the shop. It really is sad, heard from my parents that it was the best shop there ever was.

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What was the one death that kind of surprised you the most?

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"You can't deny, we were badass."

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Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s 2013 "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala | 06.05.2013

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Saw it on my dash as stills and had to animate it…

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Scandal Season 2 Deleted Scene

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Presidential swag in the building.

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Kerry Washington: #AskScandal HI @tonygoldwyn ;)

Tony Goldwyn: Hello Beautiful!


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